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Title: Welcome

Upload date: 2015-06-07

Hare Krishna and welcome to the first of our monthly newsletter

The staff at Lal Publishing and I often receive enquiries about what I am writing, when a book will be finished, what books are available in e-book format, can I share some nectar, and so on. The newsletters will answer all those queries, and will serve to introduce you to the Lal Publishing personnel. There is more than just Sivarama Swami behind an SRS book: a lot more! We’ll show you a little of what it actually takes to put a book into your hands—or your Kindle, Nook, or e-reader, and provide details on purchasing e-books online, and buying hard copies online and in stores. 

The newsletter will give information on my writing, new book launchings, introductions to Lal Publishing staff, and insights into the production process. It will announce new projects, like the upcoming auction of all the original Nava Vraja-mahima drawings—all 400 of them—this June, an auction designed to raise funds to finance the Hungarian translation work.

So here is the first update: I am writing Sri-Damodara-janani, which translates as “Lord Damodara’s Mother.” This is the damodara-lila in the same format of my Venu-gita—expanding on the Bhagavatam verses based on the commentaries of seven acaryas. Aside from retelling the story in 500 pages, it is especially meant to glorify Mother Yasoda.  And in closing, a small glimpse into the book: 

Surrounded by the womenfolk and children of Gokula, Mother Yasoda tries to tie Him to a mortar, but the rope is 
always too short. The ladies say, “O Queen! Don’t you sense something mysterious about your son? You have encircled His body with your arms, but you fail to tie His waist with a rope. How extraordinary!”

Jaya Radha-Syamasundara!

Yours in Krishna s service,
Sivarama Swami