A short health update as of night of 19th

Category: Letters by Śivarāma Swami

Title: A short health update as of night of 19th

Upload date: 2016-08-20

Śivarāma Swami

It’s 8:30 pm. I am back at the temple in Tirupati. A few days back we went to the hospital and had a variety of checkups on my leg and one on my neck. As a result the head surgeon suggested we visit today to see what condition my leg inflammation was in and the radiologist wanted us to do an MRI because of what he saw as a serious problem with my neck including a trapped nerve.

We did the MRI first and I will show it to the local neurologist and my neurologist in Hungary. Then I went to the hospital and saw the surgeon who said this is a serious abscess that must be operated on immediately. So after a series of tests I went to the theatre and had the operation under full anaesthetic. 3 hours later I was in the car back to the temple. Now I have to stay in Tirupati 10 days for treatment and will go to Delhi the 29th and return to Budapest September 1st.

I could write a lot about how I feel about missing Radha Syama’s 20th anniversary, but I assume the readers will have a good idea of that anyway. Hare Krsna.