To Nalinī-kānta Devī Dāsī

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Title: To Nalinī-kānta Devī Dāsī

Upload date: 2000-06-15

Śivarāma SwamiLetters by Sivarama Swami

Letter to Nalinī-kānta Devī Dāsī, 15 June 2000

[…] We are Vaisnavas. There may be temporary setbacks in relationships but relationships are something that need to be cultivated. Like a tree. Sometimes it grows and then appears to wither, then one has to water and nurture it, and then it will grow again or if a storm comes then you have to tie it to a post. In the same way we should not think that we are free of the influence of the material energy and the modes of nature and our own bad habits. These things will affect our interaction with each other. But if we do not take them very seriously but rather be patient and see that in the long run these things can be worked out then that is real maturity. So do not take it too seriously if sometimes devotees say things that are unfavourable towards you, but rather try to act in such a mature way that you can clarify things as you did. World wars start in Kali-yuga simply because a dog barks. So for no reason people quarrel and fight and then relationships become destroyed. This will happen even within the family and even amongst Vaisnavas. […]