To Nalinī-kānta Devī Dāsī

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Title: To Nalinī-kānta Devī Dāsī

Upload date: 1992-06-20

Śivarāma SwamiLetters by Sivarama Swami

Letter to Nalinī-kānta Devī Dāsī, 20 June 1992

[…] In your letter you ask about friendship amongst vaisnavas and I think it is a very good point that you are addressing. In the material world we have so many acquaintances with whom we share different types of sense gratification. And that is our common bond but in Krsna consciousness there is no sense gratification only service to Krsna and therefore our relationships are based on our Krsna consciousness. But as we are aspiring to become Krsna conscious then we may find that due to not being very advanced in devotional service we have only developing relationships therefore they are not so deep. Therefore we have neither relationships on the basis of sense gratification nor are our relationships in devotional service mature. What is the solution? We should cultivate Krsna consciousness and relate on the basis of Rupa Gosvami’s advice. In this way things will develop nicely. Krsna is fully capable and perfectly capable of reciprocating with everyone and as we become very Krsna conscious we will also be able to reciprocate with all others. […]