Mission statement

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Title: Mission statement

Upload date: 1995-06-24

Śivarāma SwamiOther

I aspire to be a maidservant of Srimati Radhika while functioning in this world to fulfil the desires of my Spiritual Master. My desire is to be shamelessly faithful to him without being deaf to the good counsel of learned vaisnavas, godbrothers and others. 

Preaching was Srila Prabhupada s great desire. In such endeavors I desire to be bold, concentrating my energies on book distribution, congregational preaching and the development of varnasrama (as I understand it from Srila Prabhupada). The latter I aspire to do while travelling through Hungary and the UK. New Vraja Dhama is the model I would like to develop.

As a leader I aspire to be able to hear from others, engage all in Krishna s service, resolve conflicting views and cultivate my intelligence. In my dealings I desire to maintain honesty in all transactions and speak and act according to my convictions. Although maintaining such a leadership role I want to devolve myself from hands on management, be publicly seen as a spiritual leader, a preacher, and bring about a structured simplicity in my life.

While serving ISKCON I desire to maintain quality of spiritual practises that satisfies my innate needs. Such bhajan which mainly includes chanting japa, and deep study of sastra would, I believe, be best achieved by regularity and given a real boost by a sabbatical. Writing is another means of preaching in addition to personal development. There are many books I feel within me.

I am convinced that over and above all considerations, personal purification and advancement in spiritual life is the best contribution I can make to ISKCON and society at large. I see my role as a teacher and desire to systematically give Krishna Consciousness to others to assist them in their progress. This is really the role of a guru. By these goals I hope to please my spiritual master, cultivate the 26 qualities of a real devotee, achieve the goals established for my zone, be ideal in my ashram, serve disciples by giving them Krishna and always be in the association of loving friends.