To Leaders of the Hungarian Yātrā

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Title: To Leaders of the Hungarian Yātrā

Upload date: 1999-06-01

Śivarāma SwamiLetters by Sivarama Swami

Letter to Leaders of the Hungarian Yatra, June 1997

[…] Too few devotees and especially leaders are performing Deity worship. I am worried because devotees need Deity worship. We need to make Krsna specific. Otherwise due to the speculative nature of Hungarians you will all just try to dream up who Krsna is and what He wants. The devotees will be weak. We are not liberated souls. Why do so many want to marry? Why are the leaders fighting? Why is there lack of funds? There is not enough focus on Krsna being in the center in Hungary. Instead there is selfish motivation: “my plan”, “my service”, “my preaching”. Later it will become “my wife”, “my house”, “my family” and then “my next body”. Everyone can do arati. Cook for the Deities once a week. Dress Them in the evening, put Them to rest. Something small, regularly. I can do it, […] but you are all so advanced that you don’t need to do it because you are “preachers”. […]