The cooling balm of Krsna s pastimes…

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Title: The cooling balm of Krsna s pastimes…

Upload date: 2006-08-12

Śivarāma Swami

My fever has become worse and so I am fever-weary. I do not know how likely it is that I will return to Hungary tomorrow night.I will go out to chant japa beside the lake. At 5:30pm the temple cows go out along the dusty lake road to graze in the faraway fields. They remind me of Radhe Syama s cows, the raised dust of whose hooves are like clouds of camphor dust.

Krishna, Balarama, and Their cows at the lake

While chanting japa I will meditate on that camphor dust and how it settles on only the most fortunate of souls, cooling the fever of material existence in their hearts. I hope it will settle upon me.

When the dust has settled then I shall remember how Krsna and the gopis play water pastimes in Radha-kunda, splashing water upon each other, feeling the coolness of each others association in the midday heat. Such meditations are recommended for curing a fever.

May the feverish hallucination that we are the controllers subside in the hearts of all sadhakas, and may their minds find peace in the bliss of the Lord s pastimes.

“The dust from cows and calves on the road creates a kind of darkness indicating that Krsna is returning home from the pasture. Also, the darkness of evening provokes the gopis to meet Krsna. Thus the pastimes of Krsna and the gopis are covered by a kind of transcendental darkness and are therefore impossible for ordinary scholars of the Vedas to see.”